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HF Interior member of International Superyacht Society - ISS

HF Interior member of International Superyacht Society - ISS
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" We are very happy to be part of such a prestigious association" says Curt Biller, HF Interior. "International Superyacht Society has a strong membership and a continually advancing international prescence in the yachting industry. We will take full advantage of the membership benefits afforded HF as a corporate member"

International Superyacht Society (ISS) was founded in 1889. For over 20 years, ISS has fostered dialogue among members and others in the large yacht segment of the marine industry. A key component of International Superyacht Society´s mission is education. ISS holds various educational programs as open forums in two continents where members can debate industry issues and voice induvidual opinions.

ISS´s Award Program - the longest running of its kind and based solely on peer review and recognition - celebrates both leadership and design during its Annual Awards for Design and Leadership Gala wich includes recipients of the Annual Awards of Distinction. "ISS welcomes HF Interior, Curt and his team as the newest ISS members," says Bob Saxon, ISS´s President. "We applaud their excellence in design and commitment to our industry".

ISS has an international presence, educational programs and help foster relationships within our industry. They also provide yet another outlet for HF Interior to share our news and forums for us to attend at international tradeshows.

To view the member directory and to learn more about ISS, please visit: