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M/S Skandi Hav

M/S Skandi Hav
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The vessel has now left City Varvet and Gothenburg harbour. HF outfitted the crew accommondation areas onboard this Offshore Support Terminal Vessel.

M/S Skandi Hav was converted from Offshore Supply Vessel to Offshore Support Terminal Vessel (OTSV).

For HF Interior - the planning started in October 2008, with project start in february 2009.

City Varvet built the new areas - a 3 floor high steelstructure on land and lifted the building onboard.

Hf installed a sound reducing floating floor while still on land, and created the rest of the interior after the new building had been secured onboard.

This refit included all new and old Crew accommondation areas, including Changingrooms, Crew Mess, Dayroom, Cold rooms, corridors, stairs, Laundry and Bridge.

All new cabins was outfitted with single beds or bunkbeds with warm timber details, wardobes, writing desk and bookshelf, according to HF design.

The Toilet units for the  new cabins was prefabricated and delivered in one pice.

Common mess was totally upgraded with new buffet counters, tables and chairs. All in durable design, to host 32 crew members.

All existing  areas received a facelift as well.

HF Interior wish Skandi Hav a safe jurney to Brazil!