Offshore design & development

In 2011 the company took a step into the offshore industry providing interior and layout design for offshore accommodations. Offshore accommodations require effective planning and utilisation of the space. HF interior works with both the overall picture of the accommodation and also provides expertise down in details.

HF interior can provide knowledge and design in different steps of the project development such as:

HF interior can also provide experience in design reviews and verification of constructions on site.

Together with GVA consultants HF interior developed the Living Quarters for Jack & St. Malo semisubmersible low motion unit, GVA 33000, the accommodation for the Petrobras P66, GVA 320000 FPSO, GVA 3000E accommodation unit, and with Bassoe Technologies the BT-HTB Heavy tender barge and BT3500-2 Bassdrill Delta.

From 2013 HF interior are involved in the development of MARTIN LINGE Living Quarters. Extensive design and details have been developed in order to construct the almost 4000sqm Living Quarters at Emtunga facilities in Arendal, Gothenburg. The design and construction is planned to be completed in 2016.